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Pcaket Deals Packshots

Whatever product you are selling, a professional product shot will make it sell even better. Good product photos show your products at their best and will help you to increase your sales.
The expertise of Imaging Product Experts makes us an ideal partner to realize your product photos. With our help your products will be displayed in full glory on your web shop, website, billboards, in your brochures and catalogs, or any other form of publicity you might choose.
There are various options that fit into everyone’s budget.
One possibility is using our “packet deals packshots.” It is a handy way of buying a number of packshots that you will need over a period of half a year (or less). With a packshot packet, you can spread your packshots needs over half a year and top-up whenever needed.
There are many other possibilities for product photography besides packshots. Contact us today for more information.

Our Packshot Packages

Packet 5
49 EUR
59.29 EUR incl. VAT

5 packshots.
Valid: 6 months.

Packet 15
139 EUR
168.19 EUR incl. VAT

15 packshots.
Valid: 6 months.

Packet 25
225 EUR
272.25 EUR incl. VAT

25 packshots.
Valid: 6 months.

Packet 50
415 EUR
502.15 EUR incl. VAT

50 packshots.
Valid: 6 months.

Packet 100
699 EUR
845.79 EUR incl. VAT

100 packshots.
Valid: 6 months.

Packet 150
899 EUR
1087.79 EUR incl. VAT

150 packshots.
Valid: 6 months.

Following rules apply:

  • white background
  • minimal post-production
You can find more information about packshots at our Packshots page.