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About Me

A Brief Introduction

My name is Rudi Theunis. As a young boy I was already fascinated by photography. At an age of eight, I regularly took the pocket camera from my parents and photographed (without their knowledge) my surroundings. My mother was often surprised to discover that, once again, so many landscapes without people were between her newly developed slides. When I was 12, I got an Olympus Trip 35 as a birthday present. That was my first 35 millimeter (compact) camera, and also the beginning of a true love with photography.
After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science, I decided to direct my photography in the right direction. I was already shooting in black and white and had my own dark room (yes, that was during the analog times), but I had a need to perfect me. At that time, the Internet was yet to become available, and the alternatives were limited to reading books or magazines, or training. I decided to follow classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hasselt. This training was super and gave me a good basis for a good composition, studio lighting, and technical knowledge of the analogue photographic processes.
After this training, I started as a freelance photographer.
My first assignments were mainly event and portrait photography (weddings, communions, …). Over the years I have evolved through travel photography to still life and product photography.
On January 1, 2016, I converted my company “Rudi Theunis Photographer” into “Product Imaging Experts”. As the name should suggest, I want to focus on what I like and do best: product photography in the broadest sense of the word. This includes the following: food photography, product photography, interior (architecture) photography and corporate photography.

Some of my Plus Points

  • Trained as an art photographer at the Academy of Fine Arts (Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten) in Hasselt.
  • Active as a professional photographer since 1989.
  • Expert in photo editing and compositing using Photoshop CC and related Adobe software.
  • Certified by “Federation of European Photographers”



Professionalism, care for the product, thinking along with customers and effective solutions to a problem must accumulate into an image that conveys and supports the customer’s message perfectly. Preferably this happens “in camera”, but post production and compositing can play an important role in this process.


Product Imaging Experts wants to present itself as a tabletop and product photographer and is aspiring to become one of the top photographers in this area. We believe that the combination of artistic vision and excellent technical skills is essential to present outstanding results to our customers.

Legal Information

Company Address

Product Imaging Experts
Juliaan De Vriendtstraat 9/1
B-3900 Overpelt




SMS: +32-476-705944


IBAN: BE79 9731 4407 1407

Company Registration and VAT Number

BTW BE-0707.279.953

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